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Sterling Silver & Semi Precious Stones for all Occasions!

Sterling Silver & Semi Precious Stones for all Occasions!

Sterling Silver & Semi Precious Stones for all Occasions!Sterling Silver & Semi Precious Stones for all Occasions!

Anniversary Gifts


Wedding Anniversary List

1st Anniversary ~ Gold Jewelry

2nd Anniversary ~ Garnet: Alternate - Rose Quartz

3rd Anniversary ~ Pearls; Alternate - Crystal

4th Anniversary ~ Blue Topaz; Aalternate Amethyst

5th Anniversary ~ Sapphire (all colors); Aalternate - Turquoise

6th Anniversary ~ Amethyst; Alternate - Garnet

7th Anniversary ~ Onyx; Alternate - Copper, Lapis Lazuli

8th Anniversary ~ Tourmaline (all colors); Alternate - Adventurine, Bronze

9th Anniversary ~ Lapis Lazuli; Alternate - Tigers Eye

10th Anniversary ~ Diamonds; Alternate - Onyx

11th Anniversary ~ Turquoise; Alternate - Hematite

12th Anniversary ~ Jade; Alternate - Agate

13th Anniversary ~ Citrine; Alternate - Malachite

14th Anniversary ~ Opal; Alternate - Gold, Ivory, Moss Agate

15th Anniversary ~ Ruby; Alternate - Crystal, Watch

16th Anniversary ~ Peridot; Alternate - Aquamarine

17th Anniversary ~ Amethyst, Citrine

18th Anniversary ~ Cat’s Eye; Alternate - Opal

19th Anniversary ~ Aquamarine; Alternate - Topaz

20th Anniversary ~ Emerald: alternate - Platinum

21st Anniversary ~ Iolite

22nd Anniversary ~ Spinel (all colors)

23rd Anniversary ~ Imperial Topaz; Alternate - Sapphire

24th Anniversary ~ Tanzanite

25th Anniversary ~ Sterling Silver

30th Anniversary ~ Pearls; Alternate - Diamond, Jade

35th Anniversary ~ Emerald; Alternate - Coral, Jade

40th Anniversary ~ Ruby

45th Anniversary ~ Sapphire; Alternate - Alexandrite

50th Anniversary ~ Gold

55th Anniversary ~ Alexandrite; Alternate - Emerald

60th Anniversary ~ Diamond

65th Anniversary ~ Star Sapphire

75th Anniversary ~ Diamond

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Your Birthstone is based on the month that you were born in, 

while your Zodiac stone (a.k.a. astrological birthstone) is based on the exact date your Birthday falls on.

With Silver & Stone Jewelry we have a wonderful collection of Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Pendants and Chains.  All with a variety of Gemstones suitable for that special Occasion.

The Chart below will help you find the right birthstone by birth month.

Birthstones by Month

January       ~   Garnet

February      ~   Amethyst

March         ~   Bloodstone, Aquamarine

April          ~   White Topaz, Diamond

May           ~   Emerald

June          ~   Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite

July           ~   Ruby

August       ~   Peridot

September   ~   Sapphire

October      ~   Opal, Tourmaline

November   ~   Topaz (Blue, Mystic), Citrine

December   ~   Turquoise, Tanzanite