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Sterling Silver & Semi Precious Stones for all Occasions!

Sterling Silver & Semi Precious Stones for all Occasions!

Sterling Silver & Semi Precious Stones for all Occasions!Sterling Silver & Semi Precious Stones for all Occasions!

Tips For Your Ring Sizing


The Perfect Fit - Tips For Finding your Ring Size

What is my ring size?

Your ring should fit your finger comfortably; snug enough so that it will not fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle.

Finger size changes depending on the time of day and the weather. For best results measure your finger size:

      -  At the end of the day and when your fingers are warm

        (Fingers are smaller in the early morning and when cold)

      -  Measure finger size 3 to 4 times to eliminate an false measurements.


How To Measure Your Ring Size At Home

PLEASE NOTE: The proper ring sizing is to use proper ring sizing tools. This "Home Tip" is only to give you a good estimate for ring size, in case you do not know your size. 

Things You'll Need:

    -  Ruler

    -  Thin strip of paper

#1.  Cut a thin strip of paper

#2.  Wrap the paper around your finger. Make sure the paper is below the joint of your finger and close to your knuckle.

#3.  Mark the spot where the paper meets and measure the distance with your ruler.

Use the following chart to determine your ring size. Rings also come in half sizes, the measurements of which, of course, will fall somewhere in between the whole sizes.


Size 4    ~    1  &  13/16 inches

Size 5    ~    1  &  15/16 inches

Size 6    ~    2  &  1/16 inches

Size 7    ~    2  &  1/8 inches

Size 8    ~    2  &  1/4 inches

Size 9    ~    2  &  5/16 inches

Size 10   ~    2  &  7/16 inches

Size 11   ~    2  &  9/16 inches

Size 12   ~    2  &  5/8 inches

Size 13   ~    2  &  3/4 inches

Size 14   ~    2  &  7/8 inches

I hope this is helpful. 

Bracelet Sizing



When online shopping , it can be difficult knowing if that piece you desire will fit your wrist size. Bracelets are sold as Bangles, (closed circle), Bracelets (open with a clasp) and Cuff (formed circle with small a opening on one end). 

Bracelet Sizing

Buying bracelets is much easier if you know your correct wrist size. When you order a bracelet you want to fit it properly. 

Most women feel comfortable wearing a bracelet that is 7 to 7½ inches in size, which is the standard size. The bracelet will hang between your hand and wrist bone, which is the most attractive position. 

Wrist Sizing

These simple instructions tell you how to measure your wrist properly so you can be sure your bracelets will fit right. 

When measuring for bracelets, measure tightly where your wrist is broadest. 

Measure your wrist with a soft, flexible tape measure just below the wrist bone (below the wrist bone is the area between your hand and the wrist bone). This is your actual wrist size, not your bracelet size. 

Add approx. ¼ inch up to 1 inch (½ inch is average) to your actual wrist size. This is your approximate bracelet size. The more you add to your wrist size, the more it will hang on your wrist and hand. 

TIP: If you don't have a tape measure handy, use a strip of paper or thin string, and mark it where it overlaps on your wrist. Then lay the strip flat to measure up to the mark using any ruler. 

Why it's important to use a flat tape measure or small string or strip of paper?

With bracelets the actual length is not what is a concern, it's the inner circumference when latched shut. That's because the beads themselves take up space on the inside circumference. That makes making the inside measurement smaller than the length when laid out flat. What is needed to actually wear a bracelet or anklet is for the inner measurements to match the outer circumference of your wrist or ankle.   That's why it is important use a tape measure, strip of paper, or small string -- it's not bulky, so the inner circumference is virtually the same as the lengthy when laid flat. 

Using bulky things to measure (like large beaded bracelets and thick chains, etc.) causes the problem. The length when laid flat not being the same as the inner circumference when worn. 

Standard Bracelet Sizes

Extra Small XS     ~  fits 6.5 inches  =  small woman's wrist

Small S                  ~  fits 7 inches   =  average woman’s wrist

Medium M            ~  fits 8 inches   =  average man’s wrist or woman with large wrist

Large L                  ~  fits 9 inches   =  for man with large wrist

Extra Large XL     ~  fits 9.5 inches  =  for man with a very large wrist

Silver & Stone is here to help.

Chain Lengths

In most cases this is always a matter of personal preference.  Some women love to wear their pendants on a 16-18″ chain and others prefer them longer.

 I used to wear my pendant on a sterling silver choker which makes it easier to put on and take off but now I like a longer 24-30″” chain which also allows ease of removing without opening the clasp. 

It is also a more modern look which is very popular now a days.